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Self-Sustaining Village

The village includes homes, businesses, educational facilities, manufacturing plant and farming facilities.   One is being planned at this time near Elizabethtown, PA.

Assigned to City of God Villages
City of God Village - North India

All concrete construction using RCF technology (Removeable Concrete Forms) permits fast, strong construction of insulated outer walls. Conceptualized is a three bedroom, two bath home with a kitchen, dining room, utility room, veranda and rooftop terrace.

Assigned City of God Villages
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Presymtec Monitor

This medical device, used daily upon waking, acquires oral and pulmonary presymptomatic signs in seconds, detecting infections and other health-state changes, before clinical symptoms such as a fever, permitting early medical intervention.

Assigned to Presymtec Medical
Self-Sustaining Modular Hillside Home

City of God Villages has been offered land near Kingston, Arkansas.   We have developed the concept of a replicable hill-side home considering the fact that the Village will be in a remote part of the state and, therefore, must offer homes that are largely self-sustaining.   A series of hill-side homes is planned to be constructed along a contour line in the proposed hill with a road out front.

Assigned to City of God Villages
Kurdistan Village

The drawing shows Phase II of an eventual 128-home village pattered after the City of God Villages' concept.  A proposal has been reviewed by Irbil, Iraq authorities.   They will provide the land, water, road leading to the Village and electricity.   U.S. business people must finance its construction - for profit or humanitarian purposes.

Assigned to Healing Tree International
The Truly Astonishing Hypothesis

is a non-fiction which collects the Hypothesis from the author's three novels, Link, Village and Bridge, and adds commentary regarding Dr. Francis Crick's book, The Astonishing Hypothesis and Jeff Hawkin's brilliant book, On Intelligence.

Internet Alarm Clock

The concept of this new product includes a digital alarm clock, photo sorter and display, weather report, health monitoring, MP3 music player and more. [Shown full size.]   This product was conceptualized with Industrial Designer Ian McDermott.

Currently Unassigned
The HDR™

The Health Data Recorder acquires temperature and blood pressure readings directly, and peak-flow and body weight indirectly. It has a digital alarm clock feature and telephone feature, replacing both by the bedside where readings are taken.

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