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What is it you believe? What don't you believe? Do you take the time to think about your beliefs and/or disbeliefs? This book promises to change all three, what you believe, what you don't believe and how much time you think about God, life, death and eternity. If you are a believer in God, it should not shake your faith, but will strengthen it. If you are a not a believer in God, but have faith in science alone, it will shake your faith, unless you decide to deny the new supported science this book presents.

Perhaps this book is for you, believer or nonbeliever. Can you explain the confirmed near-death-experiences of doctors and scientists whose lives has been changed as a result? Can you explain how an individual with brain damage can suddenly play the piano without a single lesson? Can you explain the phantom limb phenomena without referring to neuroplasticity (cortical reorganization)? Can you explain the ability to speak extemporaneously, since the brain is known to be too slow for the process? Can you explain a savant's ability to count a hundred items accurately in a few seconds or tell you the day of the week you were born? Can you explain how a person with a form of dementia can suddenly be able to paint beautiful images having no such former skills? The new science in this book explains these things and shows how they are all connected.

For all of your life you've been told to save your soul. Your soul is a component part of you, but it is not you. You also have a spirit, coincident with your physical body. This book will explain both the purpose of your soul and who you really are. It will not, however, explain God, unless you can somehow understand a Creator unlimited by time and sequence.

New Science
New Faith
Same Gospel

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New Science, New Faith, Same Gospel


Things are not as they seem, not as you've been told for much of your life. Science has advanced exponentially over your lifetime, but you may still believe the same things about God, life and death with not so much as an adjustment. The following describes a new science which changed my faith and strengthened it at the same time. Of course, the Gospel of Jesus Christ remains the same. The Bible remains true. But what I believe, my faith, has changed dramatically. I now have a totally different perspective on life, death and eternity.

A concise statement of the Atemporal Particle Theory:

Coincident with every human, living, physical cell is an eternal spiritual cell, and at the functional center of this coexistence is the human soul, which directs all functions of the cells, stores all memory and generates consciousness.

The Theory explains: 1. Confirmed out-of-body experiences. 2. Confirmed near-death-experiences, experienced by scientists and doctors. 3. How an individual with brain damage can suddenly play the piano having no previous lessons. 4. The phantom limb phenomena experienced by 80% of amputees. 5. Extemporaneous speech when the brain is known by neuroscientists to be too slow for the process. 6. How a zygote can develop into a living, thinking human being. 7. How consciousness is possible. 8. A savant's ability to count a hundred items accurately in a few seconds. 9. A savant's ability to tell you the day of the week you were born? 10. A savant's ability to see an entire city just once from the air and then paint it in extreme detail. 11. How a person with frontotemporal dementia can begin to paint beautiful images or play music having no such former skills. 12. How heart transplant recipients may receive some memories of the donor. 13. How a patient undergoing left hemispherectomy may be able to see, talk and move their right arm and leg immediately after surgery. 14. How by "inactivating the left anterior temporal lobe one can access a startling capacity for recalling the most minute detail or for performing lightning-quick calculations." (Allan Snyder, PhD) 15. Hyperthymesia, extremely detailed autobiographical memory.

The Atemporal Particle Theory not only explains these things, but shows how they are all connected.

How can scientists continue to have no plausible explanation for the above phenomena, or continue to ignore them all together, while declaring there is no God, there is no spiritual state and there is no life after physical death?

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