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You have probably found this website and the book title, The Truly Astonishing Hypothesis, because you were searching for the kind of subjects that interest me greatly, or you may have been searching for more information on the late Dr. Francis Crick who wrote, The Astonishing Hypothesis (see a review by such a reader).

The Truly Astonishing Hypothesis is a non-fiction which collects the Hypothesis from my three novels, Link, Village and Bridge, on which they were developed, and adds commentary regarding Dr. Francis Crick's book and Jeff Hawkin's brilliant book, On Intelligence.   As it says on the back of my book, a hypothesis suggests, it doesn't prove.
It should be provisionally accepted as true to see where it leads.   My Truly Astonishing Hypothesis suggests answers to many questions which Dr. Crick and Jeff Hawkins do not, such as:

Who are we?   Who is God?   Is there life after death?   What is the process of dying like?
What is really wrong with a cancerous cell?   How can the brain recall distant memories instantly?   How is extemporaneous speech possible?   How are many parts of the neocortex bound together?   Do we have a soul?   What is the soul?   What is the purpose of the soul?   If our brain is injured, why can't we recall certain things?   How can the DNA in a zygote produce a living, thinking human being?   Is there a spiritual state?   Why is a chromosome structured the way it is?   Do we remember every event in our lives?   How can memories be transferred through a transplant?   What are ancestral memories?   How can savants know what was never experienced by them?   Are memories stored in the brain?   How is conscious thought possible?   How can the brain perform difficult tasks in 100 steps?   How does growth and healing occur?   What happens at conception?   Why do we seem to have some talents of our ancestors?   How does a stem cell know what to become?   What directs a cell during the division process?
Why do we need to sleep?   Why do we age?   Were we designed to die?   What is an out-of-body experience?   When are we truly dead?   Is it important to avoid radiation?   How is the brain far superior to the most powerful computer?   What is holding back scientists from discoveries beyond DNA?   . . . and more you too will discover once you read the Hypothesis.

Publication Date: Aug 22 2010
ISBN/EAN13: 1469905620 / 9781469905624
Page Count: 82
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Language: English
Color: Black and White
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