Biosymtec Medical and SMT Manufacturing Group, LLC have entered into a joint venture to research, design, develop, and manufacture medical devices for the early detection of respiratory and non-respiratory infections.   We are now capable of manufacturing Biosymtec Medical's medical devices through pilot production.

Biosymtec Medical has technology based on the discovery that certain sublingual and pulmonary data, acquired from an individual upon waking, and correlated with Biosymtec Medical's proprietary algorithm, can determine the onset of an illness days before symptoms such as fever.

Early detection, followed by early response, is key to mitigating the effects of infections, especially in patients with COPD, asthma and CHF (which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis).

Biosymtec Medical is interested in licensing its technology, including a patented hand-held, non-invasive monitor, to companies with interests in the COPD, asthma and CHF patient-population markets.

The Biosymtec Monitor (not yet prototyped) will be able to acquire as many as 10 sublingual and pulmonary pre-symptomatic signs.

For further information contact John Beiswenger, President & CEO. (Contact information on the Biosymtec Medical website), or Mark Gingalewski, Managing Partner, SMT Manufacturing Group, LLC (Contact information on the SMT website)

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